The meanderings of an artist

  • 6 years later…
    Time flies, eh? My last blog post was almost 6 years ago. Only three posts in and my then new endeavor drove straight into a ditch. Due to various reasons everything art related was put on hold until in 2020 I received some much needed inspiration and got back on […]
  • Shedding Skin
    It seems that I’m shedding skin. Or perhaps adding new on top of the old… I don’t know yet. – As of late I’ve found myself shooting, editing and thinking about photography quite a bit more than my usual physical work. The thing that was originally supposed the be a […]
  • Moving Pictures¬†
    The number one gripe I hear from people who view my work online is that they cannot quite grasp the depth of it. Even though I always provide ample detail shots from various angles, a few have been surprised to hear that they are 3-dimensional to begin with! Clearly this […]
  • Value of Words
    Back in my guitar making days I used to write about the things I was doing.¬†Documenting my progress, receiving feedback and working out various problems. I remember it being very useful for progress, learning and honing my skills from aesthetic or structural design to efficient ways of making the actual […]