6 years later…

Time flies, eh? My last blog post was almost 6 years ago. Only three posts in and my then new endeavor drove straight into a ditch. Due to various reasons everything art related was put on hold until in 2020 I received some much needed inspiration and got back on the horse again. Better late than never…

Work in progress

The past two years have been very good to me artistically and otherwise. I participated in lots of cool projects, sold some art, rode around on my motorcycle, found love, all the good stuff. I’ve also been writing a bunch of art related texts for various publications and I thoroughly enjoyed the process. This getting-back-to-blogging thing is the continuation of that.

Painting the backs

I intend to keep my writing lighthearted and free flowing. If it’s too serious and weighed down with expectations I won’t do it, that much I know. Also, the subject matter may very well steer far away from art every now and then, but they are all pieces of a larger puzzle, “how I live as an artist”, “how I live self-sufficiently” or “how I work for myself, not others”, something like that.

Makeshift WIP holder thingy

Anyway, bla bla. What I’m working on at the moment? 34 pieces at the same time! Small ones, so not too impressive, but remarkable in the sense that these are the first small works that I’m very excited about. I’ve always made large work, but those are next to impossible to sell to ordinary people. These small ones were inspired by the desire to make something that sells and doesn’t bore me to death. Just being honest. Artists need to eat. More specifically food, not recognition and fame.

Work in progress

I don’t have any expectations for the ramblings in this journal, but for this series of works most certainly. I’m hoping to drum-up enough interest in these to establish a steadyish stream of income and make some custom work in the future. I’m keeping track of expenses and hours spent to better estimate a suitable pricing for these. Gut feeling says 150€ plus shipping, we’ll see.

One of my favorites

More on these and whatever I’m up to in the future, as the mood strikes. Maybe once a week… no pressure!