6 years later…

Time flies, eh? My last blog post was almost 6 years ago. Only three posts in and my then new endeavor drove straight into a ditch. Due to various reasons everything art related was put on hold until in 2020 I received some much needed inspiration and got back on the horse again. Better late than never…

Work in progress

The past two years have been very good to me artistically and otherwise. I participated in lots of cool projects, sold some art, rode around on my motorcycle, found love, all the good stuff. I’ve also been writing a bunch of art related texts for various publications and I thoroughly enjoyed the process. This getting-back-to-blogging thing is the continuation of that.

Painting the backs

I intend to keep my writing lighthearted and free flowing. If it’s too serious and weighed down with expectations I won’t do it, that much I know. Also, the subject matter may very well steer far away from art every now and then, but they are all pieces of a larger puzzle, “how I live as an artist”, “how I live self-sufficiently” or “how I work for myself, not others”, something like that.

Makeshift WIP holder thingy

Anyway, bla bla. What I’m working on at the moment? 34 pieces at the same time! Small ones, so not too impressive, but remarkable in the sense that these are the first small works that I’m very excited about. I’ve always made large work, but those are next to impossible to sell to ordinary people. These small ones were inspired by the desire to make something that sells and doesn’t bore me to death. Just being honest. Artists need to eat. More specifically food, not recognition and fame.

Work in progress

I don’t have any expectations for the ramblings in this journal, but for this series of works most certainly. I’m hoping to drum-up enough interest in these to establish a steadyish stream of income and make some custom work in the future. I’m keeping track of expenses and hours spent to better estimate a suitable pricing for these. Gut feeling says 150€ plus shipping, we’ll see.

One of my favorites

More on these and whatever I’m up to in the future, as the mood strikes. Maybe once a week… no pressure!

Shedding Skin


It seems that I’m shedding skin.

Or perhaps adding new on top of the old… I don’t know yet.

As of late I’ve found myself shooting, editing and thinking about photography quite a bit more than my usual physical work. The thing that was originally supposed the be a mere exercise in composition and casual everyday creativity is taking over.

It might be the intoxicating immediacy of photography or the fact that I can actually create in this medium no matter my situation that is the culprit of this transformation. I’m enjoying it immensely, yet likely won’t be adding much in terms of originality in to the infinitely over-saturated pool of photographers. That doesn’t seem to stop other people though.

My website is devoid of any mention of this. It is beginning to feel like I’m misleading people. Yeah, I’m hesitant to call myself a photographer. Why does it even matter… Labels are shit. They mess my head up.

I’ve come up with a way to combine photography with sculpture though. There might be some light at the end of that tunnel.

Anyway, these past few days I’ve edited a set of images that I’m very proud of (ask me again in a few weeks…). They just might be a huge stepping stone if I go through with them. Not hyping, just saying.


Moving Pictures 

The number one gripe I hear from people who view my work online is that they cannot quite grasp the depth of it. Even though I always provide ample detail shots from various angles, a few have been surprised to hear that they are 3-dimensional to begin with! Clearly this is a huge issue for any artist working in the online world, but especially for the ones making anything with physical depth. The natural next step from still images is of course video. Strangely, I haven’t seen many artists use video as a tool for communicating (not counting videos as art themselves). Perhaps art videos are not popular enough and thus seem far and few between. Niche to harness and stand out?  We’ll see.

Okay, videos. What kind of videos? I’m thinking product videos where a camera pans all around the well lit artwork looking as desirable as possible. At first something like this sounds a bit dirty and sleazy in an art setting, like an advertisement for a piece of art, but that’s precisely what it is (not the dirty and sleazy bit)! Thinking about it… What is an artist? Very much like an entrepreneur or a small business owner. What are we selling? Products of our labor. When we are selling these products we of course would like to be as accurate and true to life in our sales pitch (photos and text) as possible. If the depth of an artwork is lost in the limitations of a still image, the presentation is severely lacking.

Shaky, unprofessional looking video will not do so I immediately began to imagine some sort of camera holder, track or a gantry. This is what I came up with:


It’s a gantry comprising two copper pipes for a camera sled to ride on, a hollow torsion beam with a weight reducing gas spring and a lead filled pivot block. This allows the camera to rotate in a smooth arc keeping it pointed at the middle of the artwork (or off center if I so choose). It can be tilted up or down and the angle on the slider can be adjusted accordingly. The beam can also be removed from the pivot block to be used as a regular camera slider rail:


(I need another tripod…) I’m very happy with it so far, but there is a few improvements I’ll be making at some point.

As for the results, here’s a video that I’m particularly happy with:

Not as good as it could be, but with an image stabilizing lens (I don’t own one yet) and a few improvements it will be much better. I find the hardest part of filming with this to be the linear motion when shooting closeups. It’s quite difficult to keep the speed steady enough, so it ends up looking a bit jerky. I’m getting better at it though! Maybe I should just motorize the sled…

My goal is to have a new video ready for each new artwork that I post online. Time will tell if this endeavor proves fruitful or not, but I’m having fun either way.

Value of Words


Back in my guitar making days I used to write about the things I was doing. Documenting my progress, receiving feedback and working out various problems. I remember it being very useful for progress, learning and honing my skills from aesthetic or structural design to efficient ways of making the actual instruments. Even without feedback just the act of writing forces you to really think about what you are doing and why you are doing it.


So, what exactly should an emerging artist write about then? Well, art of course. Seems obvious enough, but the more I think about it the vaguer the topic becomes. What is art to an artist pursuing life as an artist? Life. Pretty much everything I use my time on is more or less related to art. If not making the actual artworks, I’m editing a video about an artwork. If not promoting my work on social media, I’m sourcing materials. I often find myself searching for info on similar topics, so I imagine that someone might find my musings useful. I don’t want to be too specific in defining this blog. I don’t even know if this is one! Maybe more like a journal than a blog. We’ll see how it evolves.


Also, I wish to keep this platform quite personal. The various social media outlets often feel quite… hollow. Mass of people all yelling “Look at me!”, which is fine. That’s the name of the game. Hopefully this type of online presence will offer a necessary balance.